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Pack Mentality Boarding & Daycare

Prepare your dog for THE boarding experience.  When you think about a typical boarding facility, you probably imagine crates, cages, and runs.  Or perhaps dogs sitting isolated and either cowering in a corner, or barking their heads off for some attention. How can you enjoy your vacation while your loved one is miserable? Well, we have the solution for you.

Pack Mentality Dog Boarding

In a traditional boarding kennel, animals are segregated into individual runs.  In these runs they exist, but not much more, often refusing meals due to extreme stress and lack of interaction. The highlight of their stay is when you arrive to rescue them.

We do things differently. During the day, everyone participates in our daycare experience at no additional charge. This means your pet gets to run and play with a group of dogs, or if they are mellow, they can just relax, but the choice is theirs.


We have 10,500 sq ft of outside play area (8500 sq ft is turf) and over 4000 sq ft of rubber flooring to play on, all of which is sanitized constantly with pet-safe cleaners.


All dogs have access to constantly running water from early morning into the evening from one of our 15 indoor water fountains. This is not water that is circulated through a filter, but fresh water with a drain system that skims the surface for saliva and debris.


At night most animals get to share a room with a number of their friends they have made during their stay. A small number of animals do prefer a crate a night, which we can accommodate on a limited basis as well.

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