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Why You Should Choose Us

Allow us a moment to explain how we are different.

  1. Our Pack Mentality boarding and daycare is cage-free

  2. We are staffed with caretakers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

  3. We are full service, meaning we can transport your pets for you, care for them in our hotel, or in your home.

  4. Let's re-iterate, we offer door-to-door transport service!

  5. We offer rubber floors throughout our hotel as a safe and comfortable surface for your pet.

  6. We offer 10,500sqft of outside play area of which 8,500 is safe and clean synthetic turf.

  7. Your pet will have fresh flowing water while in our care (not standing bowls or recycled water).

  8. Extra feeding, medication administration, and play time is all included in the base price.

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