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Dog Grooming

Let our grooming services WOW you! Our combination of products and processes will guarantee your dog's coat will be shiny and soft with repeatable results every time you come.

We offer a large array of a la carte services as well as the packages  below.


The Works

The Works is our most popular package because it includes all of our most popular grooming services at a discounted price. 

  • A bath with two premium shampoos which we have hand selected for their show quality results

  • A high quality conditioner which will leave the coat soft and the skin healthy

  • Nail trim all around

  • Ear cleaning

  • Pad Trim (the little hairs between the toes and pads)

  • 15 minutes of de-matting/de-shedding

  • Anal gland expression (by request)

The Neaten

Sometimes you don't need a full groom, but Fido's perfect lines are a little rough. This is a touch-up service to clean up the edges. This is a good option between scheduled grooming sessions to keep your pup looking good. 

  • Everything in the "The Works," plus

  • Light head profile shaping

  • Light body profile shaping

  • Ear-hair removal (by request)

The Whole Thing

Just like the title says, this package gives you everything. 

  • Everything in the "The Works," plus

  • Ear-hair removal (if needed)

  • Full body and head hair cut

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